Question: How do you get 4000 damage on Apex?

The 4K Damage Badge is awarded to players that deal 4,000 damage in a single match. When displayed on a player banner, this badge is unmistakable. The 4K Damage Badge is represented by a pair of crossed hammers on a vibrant blue background. Only a select few Apex Legends players have earned this elusive badge.

How many kills do you need to get 4000 damage in Apex?

You need to hope that the enemies in the game dont just kill each other too fast and stop you from getting 20 kills, when for the 4k damage badge, you can still get it even if there are not many players in the game.

Who has the highest damage in Apex?

YouTuber RakyThought Apex Legends YouTuber RakyThought has broken the in-game damage world record, reaching 10864 damage in a single match. The unbelievable achievement has been uploaded to their channel where viewers can see the whole game unfold.

Does damage to downed players count apex?

Damage dealt to players that are already knocked was not calculated at the start of Apex Legends life, so finishing off a downed guy wasnt going to net you a hundred more damage points. However, that has since changed, and now damage to knocked players (or at least the ones you have knocked) does count.

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