Question: What is a female Shinto priest called?

More common roles for women in the clergy are miko, shrine stewards who assist the chief priest. Outside of organized Shinto, however, an increasing number of women are taking the title miko and tying it to original Shinto practices such as fortune-telling and healing arts.

What do you call a Shinto priest?

Shinshoku, priest in the Shintō religion of Japan. The main function of the shinshoku is to officiate at all shrine ceremonies on behalf of and at the request of worshippers.

Can I become a miko?

It is possible for people from abroad to experience the work of miko, too. Amagasaki Ebisu Shrine in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture has a program especially for visitors to Japan called the Miko Experience (reservations required), wherein travelers may learn more about shrines, Shinto and Japanese culture in general.

Is Shintoism patriarchal?

Like many modern civilizations, Japan has a patriarchal past still evident in its contemporary society. In the case of Shinto–Japans so-called indigenous religion, though this does not adequately describe the reality–gender roles are often reinforced through objectification and the targeted use of sight.

Can Shinto priestesses get married?

Shinto priests perform Shinto rituals and often live on the shrine grounds. Men and women can become priests, and they are allowed to marry and have children.

Are ethics important in Shinto?

This clear difference with faiths whose God is perfect is probably why Shinto ethics avoids absolute moral rules. The overall aims of Shinto ethics are to promote harmony and purity in all spheres of life. Purity is not just spiritual purity but moral purity: having a pure and sincere heart.

What does Mico mean?

: marmoset especially : a black-tailed marmoset (Callithrix melanurus) of tropical South America.

How do I become a Shinto?

To become a kannushi, a novice must study at a university approved by the Association of Shinto Shrines (神社本庁, Jinja Honchō), typically Tokyos Kokugakuin University or Ises Kogakkan University, or pass an exam that will certify his qualification.

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