Question: Why is onsen important?

Beginning as health spas, onsen has developed into one of the most popular tourist attractions in Japan as well as greatly influenced Japanese bathing culture. Onsen are an incredibly relaxing way to enjoy one of Japans oldest and most popular traditions.

What is the cultural significance of an onsen?

The Old books of Japanese history published in 6th century already noted the existence of onsen in the country. It described that it was used for the purifying ritual in Japanese religion “Shinto” and the enjoyment of the emperors. Since then, bathing culture of Onsen spread across the country even to the citizens.

Why do people go to Onsens?

The major purpose of taking Onsen is not only to wash ones body but also to rest and relax by soaking Onsen. No drunk person inside the bathtub. Usually, the temperature of Onsen is at least 40degrees (40℃). So it is not good for your health for heavy drunk person to take or soak the bathtub.

Can you drink onsen water?

Drinking onsen water is an effective way to get the water directly into your system. However, since youll be ingesting natural spring water, be sure to only ingest water at onsen which allow drinking, and carefully confirm the components and effects of the water.

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