Question: What day should you wear blue moonstone?

You may find it hard to wear a Moonstone ring every day. What you can do is to take a break and temporarily wear it only early on Monday morning and during the Full Moon.

When can you wear blue Moonstone?

How To Wear Moonstone? Moonstone should be worn on Monday evening during the Shukla Paksh (Waxing Moon). Moonstone are worn in the little finger of the correct hand (Left Hand for left-handed people and the Right Hand for right-handed people).

Who should wear blue Moonstone?

Blue Moonstone will console anyone who feels overwhelmed by the weight of their problems. You can wear it to encourage yourself to love and value yourself for who you are, and to truly understand your emotional needs. Blue Moonstone is also known as an excellent travelers stone.

What does it mean when a Moonstone turns blue?

Adularescence refers to the rippling blue light that appears when you revolve the moonstone near a source of light. This effect is due to the interwoven properties of a separate feldspar in varying positions inside the moonstone.

What finger do you use a moonstone ring on?

Moonstone is considered best for the ring finger and the little finger of the left hand. Why? It is because the ring finger conveys the energy of the earth element, and the little finger conveys the energy of the water element.

How do you activate a Moonstone ring?

After your moonstones are freshly cleaned, the best way to recharge their energy is by the light of the moon. Set your gems by the window overnight to let the moon empower it with fresh energy (a full moon is best).

Can you shower with Moonstone?

Remove your moonstone jewelry when cleaning, showering, working out, and at night. Regular body oils, sweat, and lotion can build up quickly causing the stone to look matte in appearance. When cleaning your moonstone jewelry, use a few drops of a mild dish soap and water.

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