Question: How do you find a second stronghold?

Therefore, the only way to find multiple strongholds is to get lucky while mining or use a chunk search program. Search for bookcases, and since stronghold libraries are the only places where bookcases naturally occur, this will allow you to locate all three strongholds.

Is it possible to have 2 stronghold?

There is a limit of 128 strongholds per world (1 per world in Console Edition). Other strongholds will generate randomly throughout the world. In Java Edition, they generate in rings with the strongholds evenly spaced around the circle until the total of 128 is reached.

How far do you have to go to find a second stronghold?

The circumference of the second to last ring averages 128,678 blocks so the average distance between strongholds is 3,574 blocks; walking 3,000 blocks should get you close enough to the next stronghold that it will be found instead of one in a neighboring ring (the distance between rings is 1,792 blocks).

Can an ender portal have all eyes?

End portals require a total of 12 eyes of ender in order to activate, though each individual frame-block has a 10% chance of containing an eye of ender when generated. Eyes can be placed in empty End portal frames by pressing use on them until the entire ring of 12 is filled, thereby activating the portal.

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