KOÇAK FARMA was founded by Chemical Engineer Ender KOÇAK in 1971.

Since then, the company has been one of the fastest growing firms in Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry and currently with 700 employees, it has contributed considerably to the development of Turkish Medical Practice with production of more than one hundred pharmaceuticals and raw materials.The headquarters of Koçak Farma is located in İstanbul. There are 18 regional offices and the sales force consists of 350 people.

Raw materials and pharmaceuticals are produced in 2 factories. Pharmaceutical production had been moved to the new plant, which has 45000 m2 production area, located in Çerkezköy Organised Industrial Zone.

Koçak Farma mainly focuses on gynecology & obstetrics, urology, chest diseases (tuberculosis) and cardiology.

Koçak Farma strategy aims to achieve a leading market position in the focused market segments with its qualified services and employees.

The production is in line with GMP, GLP Guidelines and WHO standarts aiming at better human health. Koçak Farma has been certified by TÜV Reinhard with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 (Management of Quality System) The active RD policy enables to improve the quality and the efficiency of the products. Environmental policy has been settled successfully ensuring total environmental safety. The Environmental Policy is certified with DIN EN ISO 14001:1999 Management of Environment System Certificate given by TÜV Reinland. Koçak Farma has been exporting its products to several countries and has been manufacturing on contract basis, finished products and raw materials, for local and multinational companies.

The vision of Koçak Farma is to share its experience and technology, gained with contract base manufacturing and export activities, with new partners.

Following its vision, Koçak Farma has settled the action plan including new cooperations and JV’ s with foreign companies in order to be an international player in the industry in 21st Century.

Koçak Farma İlaç ve Kimya Sanayi A.Ş. 2004