Question: How many Ford Focus RS 500 were made?

Only 500 of them were made, and just like the original Ford, you could have any color you wanted as long as it was black. It was a fitting end to the wildly popular Sierra RS Cossie, and Fords looking to make lightning strike twice with the Focus RS500.

How many focus RS500 are left?

20212019FORD FOCUS RS5002523

How many Focus RS was made?

We think it will be a lot. The first two iterations of the Focus RS, the Mk1 and Mk2, saw limited production. Only 4,501 Mk1s were made and about 11,500 Mk2s were built. The elder Focus RS was built from 2002-2003 and the second coming was released in 2009 and produced for three years.

Are Ford Focus RS rare?

Rarest of the rare: Focus RS50 Evo (2019) The Evocation Focus RS was an incredibly rare special edition.

How many RS Cosworth are left?


What Blue is the Focus RS?

The Ford Focus RS is making its North American debut next week at the New York International Auto Show; gone is the gorgeous Liquid Blue from its European reveal in favour of this brighter shade, named Nitrous Blue.

What does St mean on a focus?

The Ford Focus ST is another car within the Ford Focus range that was designed to offer higher performance and a fast Ford with the same standard design as other Ford Focus models. ST stands for sports technologies and is something that has also been added to the Ford Fiesta ST and Ford Mondeo ST too.

What does RS mean on a Ford?

Rallye Sport The Ford RS badge was born for rally racing, the RS stands for Rallye Sport. TeamRS was the successor to Ford Special Vehicle Engineering.

Is the Ford Focus RS or ST faster?

As can be expected, both the Focus ST and the Focus RS feature more powerful Ford performance engines than the other models in the Ford Focus range....Performance.Ford Focus STFord Focus RSTop speed155mph165mph0-60mph5.9 seconds4.5 seconds2 more rows

Why is Ford discontinuing the Focus RS?

According to a Ford statement released today, high development costs and changing emission laws mean the Focus RS wont happen. GKNs e-Twinsters electric four-wheel drive is now no longer viable for the hyper-hatch – and that leaves the 2020 flagship dead in the water.

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