Question: Does cutting pothos make it grow faster?

You may be happy with only a lighter pruning or, if your plant has lost quite a few leaves and you want to reinvigorate the plant, a more drastic pruning may be needed. A harder pruning will force new growth at the base and eventually the plant will be much bushier.

How long does it take for pothos clippings to grow?

Set the cuttings in a potting mixture of half peat moss and half perlite or sand. Keep the soil moist and keep your rooting pothos out of direct sunlight. Roots should develop after one month, and after two or three months the new plants will be ready.

Why is my pothos growing so fast?

If you dont yet have a fertilizing routine in place, start fertilizing your pothos during the growing season. While the bulk of building materials for the plant comes from the air, the nutrients that support happy growth will come from the soil. Nutrient-rich soil will play a role in how fast your pothos will grow.

How do pothos reproduce naturally?

Once the stems grow up to the areas of dappled sunlight, they grow along branches for a while then grow back down to the ground where they travel along searching for new trees to climb. The plant became a master of vegetative propagation.

Why wont My pothos grow?

Poor lighting, inadequate watering, and lack of nutrients are significant causes of stunted growth in pothos. Providing bright light, well-draining soil, and adequate watering will boost the growth of your pothos. It is expected to see a slower growth during winter as temperature goes below their normal range.

How big can pothos leaves get?

3 feet Mature leaves can get up to 3 feet (91 cm.) in length and develop into oval or heart shapes, often with holes at the midrib. Most indoor plants do not achieve leaves of that size, but leaves still develop similarly.

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