Question: Why drive thru is important?

While it may be significant work to adopt a drive-thru model, there are many benefits of drive-thrus for food businesses. First, the convenience is attractive for customers. Not only does it keep staff and customers safe, but it is an added incentive for customers to order from your food business.

What is the purpose of a drive thru?

The drive-thru is a type of take out service that businesses provide to enable customers to purchase products without leaving their vehicles. The format was pioneered in the US by Jordan Martin in the 1930s and now spans across restaurants, retail, banking and more.

Is it faster to go through the drive thru?

During quiet hours, we have strong evidence suggesting the drive thru is faster. We can also make the conclusion from our observational study that drive through and walking in times are not significantly different during busy hours.

How do you make a drive thru more efficient?

This guide will look at how to make your drive-thru more effective, efficient, and speedy.Put safety first. Sanitize. Keep window stocked. Greet customers swiftly. Enhance visibility. Update menu boards. Install confirmation boards. Move staff outside. •28 Aug 2020

How does a drive thru work?

A drive-through usually consists of a building with a driveway wrapped around it. Drivers approach either a first window or a microphone box and place an order; then they drive around to the other side of the building, where the order is delivered through a small window and the customer can pay for it.

Why are drive-thrus bad?

Drive-throughs are traffic nightmares. The flip side of revenue is expenses, and drive-throughs also impose more costs on your city than a lot of other things that could occupy the same piece of land. One reason is that they are absolutely massive local traffic generators.

What should you not do in a drive thru?

So the next time you choose to take the drive-thru at your favorite fast food spot, take care to try and avoid doing the following.Taking Forever to Decide. Speaking Too Quietly. Making Several Separate Orders. Placing a Gigantic Order. Ordering More Food at the Window. Leaving Windshield Wipers On.

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