Question: When to say here you are?

Phrase. (idiomatic) Said when handing something over to someone or doing a favour to them, usually to draw the recipients attention to the exchange; equivalent to “thank you” when receiving something.

Is it correct to say here you are?

Here you go and There you go are quite informal. If you say this to your teacher or your boss, they might think youre being rude or impolite. So use the more formal Here you are or There you are instead.

When to use here it is?

Its an adverb if it means “in this place” (as in “I was born here” or “Here is the car”). Its a noun if it means “this place” (as in “We leave here tomorrow” or in the expression “the here and now”). Generally, when the pronoun “it” is used in place of a subject noun, it precedes the verb.

What is the difference between there you go and here you go?

In particular, “here/there you go” is more commonly used to indicate objects or abstract ideas. “Here” indicates when something is presented at this very moment and place. “There” may be used for something that is not in the immediate moment and place, like so: A: What is that girls name?

Should I say here is or here are?

If the succeeding noun is singular, then you should use “here is.” For example, “here is the spoon” and “here is an offer” are both correct. Alternatively, if the succeeding noun is plural, then you should use “here are.” For example, “here are the children” and “here are a few offers you cant miss” are also correct.

Is it here you are or here you go?

basically have the same meaning that you have given something to someone. The difference is intent. Here you are is merely a statement that here is something you wanted. Here you go expresses more enthusiasm and excitement.

Where we can use here we go?

—used when something is just beginning to happen or move Here we go, I said as the roller coaster began to climb the first hill.

Is Here We Go app free?

On 9 July 2015 HERE launched a new public beta of its Android app. As of June 2015 the Here app was available as a free app in 118 countries and territories across the world for the Android and iOS platforms.

How do you use here you go?

here you go/are ​Definitions and Synonymsused when you are giving someone something that they have asked for or that they have just bought. Here you go sir. Im sure she will love these. used to show that you are about to tell someone something. So here you go, the top 5 things you need to know.

How do you write here is?

Heres is a contraction of here is, which is singular and is correct if one picture is shown (here is a picture). But some pictures is plural, and calls for the plural here are (as in here are some pictures).

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