Question: Is it better to have a YouTube brand account?

Brand Accounts give you access to Analytics, which provides data on watch time reports, interaction reports, audience engagement, demographics and revenue reports. Used the right way, this data will show you how you can get the most value out of your resources and videos.

Should my YouTube account be a brand account?

We recommend that you keep your non-brand account, but if you still want a brand account, youll first need to remove access from others.

What is the difference between personal and brand account on YouTube?

TLDR for those of you who dont want to know the nitty-gritty details: A brand channel is not a personal YouTube channel. It is tied to a company and not a specific person. A regular YouTube account is a personal account. A single individual owns it, and its image is directly tied to that person.

What is the benefit of brand account in YouTube?

A YouTube Brand Account is a business account you can activate and manage through your personal channel. This Brand Account gives your business a YouTube presence of its own with your companys unique name, branding, and content. Additionally, YouTube allows you to add channel managers to the account.

How many YouTube brand accounts can you have?

Thanks to YouTube for coming up with a great idea of multiple Youtube channels under a single Gmail account, using it you can create up to 50 Youtube channels associated with one account.

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