Question: Where does the Dan River drain into?

The Dan River originates high along the eastern slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Patrick County and flows easterly until it empties into 50,000-acre John H. Kerr Reservoir (Buggs Island Lake) near Clarksville, Virginia.

How long does it take to tube down the Dan River?

Tubing trip lengths approximately 1.5 and 3.5 hours depending on water level.

How far of a drop is the Dan River Dam?

The dam has an 8-foot drop, and the Rockingham County sheriff said he doesnt know why the group went near the dam, which has warning signs on both banks of the river to keep away.

Why is the Dan River muddy?

There are health concerns with that much coal ash in the water. In the case of the Duke Energy spill, that nasty stuff has settled on the floor of the Dan River from Eden all the way to Kerr Lake, some 70 miles away. And in many cases, those heavy metals are environmentally and biologically toxic.

Where does the Dan River start and end?

Kerr Lake Dan River/Mouths

What happened at Dan River?

A deadly June 16 tubing accident claimed the lives of four of family members at an 8-foot-high dam at the Duke Energy Dan River Steam Station in Eden. The nine family members who set out tubing that day were unaware of the dam, a survivor said.

Can you drink alcohol on the Dan River?

Alcohol consumption (open containers) on Dan River Adventures property is not allowed. Alcohol consumption is not allowed while waiting to board our shuttle bus. Do not open your alcoholic beverages until you are on the river.

Does the Dan River have trout?

The Dan River is a stream for all seasons and the choice of a variety of anglers. Its hard to imagine while standing on the banks of John. H. Kerr Reservoir that four counties to the west, the Dan River is a sparkling mountain stream and home to the native brook trout.

Is there a dam on the Dan River?

The concrete White Mill — or Long Mill — dam owned by the city, stretches 1,144 feet across the Dan River and is 5 feet tall. The dam is believed to have been built around 1894 to create water power for the Dan River Inc. factories along both sides of the Dan River.

Is Dan River clean?

CNN reported that the river was turned into an oily sludge. The river is a drinking water source for communities in North Carolina and Virginia. Immediate tests showed increased amounts of arsenic and selenium, but the river was deemed by state officials to be a safe source for drinking water.

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