Question: How do I find someones relatives?

Use genealogy websites. Websites like and are a good starting point, and some offer free trials. These sites have access to US census records, birth, marriage, death certificates, and other family trees that may intersect your own.

How do I find someones family for free?

10 Ways to Research Your Family Tree for FreePublic libraries. Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center. National Archives. Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation. The USGenWeb Project. AccessGenealogy. AfriGeneas. FamilySearch. •20 Jan 2020

How can you find out someones relatives?

Finding Biological FamilyTake an AncestryDNA® test. Review your closest DNA matches. Contact your matches. View your shared matches. Look for common ancestors. Start descendancy research. Contact living family members. Hire a professional.23 Jul 2020

How can I find someones relatives online?

Genealogy websites like or provide online access to records that can help you to build a family tree and find out about relatives you didnt know that you had. Some online genealogy services even provide DNA testing to complement your findings in the online databases.

How do I find relatives without information?

Ideally, the name and date of birth of the relative is available. One of the best sites to start searching is The site is free, doesnt require any sort of registration and contains birth, death, marriage, divorce, probate and military records. The census records are some of the most valuable entries.

How do I find a long lost family member?

Here are some of your options:Google Search. One of the most straightforward solutions in your search for a long-lost friend or family member is simply typing their name into a search box and seeing what it produces. Social Media. Affiliations. Background Check. Name. Last Known Address. Phone Number. Known Connections.14 May 2021

How do I contact a long lost relative?

Here are five top tips to take note of:Determine the letters purpose and stick to it.Write with the pen and not your emotions.Keep it short.Write one day but send it the next day.Get someone to read your letter.4 Oct 2013

Is FamilySearch the same as my heritage?

Are FamilySearch, MyHeritage, Findmypast, and Ancestry owned by the same company? No, FamilySearch is a service of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. MyHeritage, Findmypast, and Ancestry are each separate companies.

How do I contact a relative?

Follow these steps to make it a smoother experience.Identify the person you want to call. Locate the persons phone number, address, and/or email address. Prepare ahead for making the call. Adopt a positive mindset. Introduce yourself. Overcome reluctant relatives. Do these things during the call: •9 Aug 2017

What questions do you ask a long lost relative?

Questions About Their ChildhoodWhat is your full name? When and where were you born?How did your family come to live there?Were there other family members in the area? What was the house (apartment, farm, etc.) Were there any special items in the house that you remember?What is your earliest childhood memory? •12 Feb 2020

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