Question: How long does Korean radish last?

Storing: Daikon will last up to 2 weeks stored in the fridge in plastic bag or wrapped in damp towel in fridge.

How do you keep Korean radishes fresh?

Like potatoes, radishes exposed to moisture may grow shoots or rot. Instead, wrap the mu in newspaper and store it in the refrigerator. If you have a crisper in the refrigerator, place it in there. If you want to freeze mu, first wash it, peel it, and then cut it into small pieces.

How long does Korean radish kimchi last?

Just like regular kimchi and many other fermented foods, this Korean radish kimchi will last indefinitely in the refrigerator. However, itll still continuously ferment at a slow rate while chilled, so you may want to eat it within 3-4 months of making it. Otherwise, the flavor may get too sour for you to enjoy.

How do you store Korean daikon radishes?

Daikon will last a long time in your refrigerator, even once cut (just wrap the remainder in plastic wrap or put it in a plastic bag) -- but be forewarned: Once its cut, your fridge is not going to smell good.

What can I do with leftover kimchi radish?

You can eat radish kimchi with any Korean soup, rice and side dishes. It goes especially well with Korean beef stew, chicken soup and instant noodles and as such is always served with these dishes in Korea. The crunchy texture of radish kimchi goes really well with meat soup.

How do you know if a radish is good?

Radishes that are approximately 1-inch in diameter will be more tender and crisp. Avoid radishes that are soft, dull-colored, have white or brown scars, or black spots; if the radish tops are yellow, limp or slimy, the radishes are old or have not been refrigerated properly. Remove radish greens before storing.

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