Question: Why is my Daikin aircon light blinking?

A flashing light is an indication of a fault or shut down in your system. Your unit could be leaking, have a damaged power cord or dirty filter, your aircon unit could be dead, or the battery of your remote control is running out.

Why is my Daikin aircon blinking?

The blinking light can indicate this situation in your Daikin aircon. It may be related to the power cord system of your unit. You can replace the broken units inside your aircon unit regularly.

Why is my Daikin aircon not cold?

If your Daikin aircon is not cooling your room effectively, it may be a Daikin sensor problem. You can troubleshoot this by moving closer to the air con and checking that the air quantity and direction are properly controlled, and that the ventilation fan is moving.

Why is my Daikin aircon blinking U4?

Daikin error code U4 indicates a communication error. There are 2 possible causes to this error code. Firstly, the wires between the indoor and outdoor units are not connected properly. Secondly, any PCB inside the condenser unit may not be connected properly as well.

How do you clear a Daikin error code?

Daikin sensors . To clear the error code from the display - press test to show the error code, now press and hold the on/off button for about 10 seconds. To read the sensors - press and hold the test button, display change to 10, press and hold the test button again and the display should change to 40.

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