Question: How do you use the word doubt?

What does it mean when someone says doubt it?

You say I doubt it as a response to a question or statement about something that you think is untrue or unlikely. Somebody would have seen her.—I doubt it, not on Monday. See full dictionary entry for doubt.

What preposition is used with doubt?

Doubt remains as to who is the rightful owner of the property. Used with prepositions: She is without a doubt my best friend. They have serious doubt about his ability.

How do you use show off in a sentence?

Show off sentence exampleRob is a bit of a show-off, is he not? He seemed a genial sort though, if not a bit of a show-off. Its also a good way to embarrass someone, especially the avid wine show-off who thinks they know everything about wine.

What to say when someone is showing off?

Praise them, but choose your words carefully. Saying, “Youre so good at this” reinforces the idea that theyre special and stand out, says psychologist Jean Twenge. However, “This was really well done” is praise for the task completed, rather than the person.

What is it called when you show something off?

(phrasal verb) in the sense of exhibit. Definition. to exhibit or display (something) so as to invite admiration.

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