Question: What is Ena character from?

ENA is a series of videos created by Joel Guerra . They center around the life of ENA, a girl with an asymmetrical body and two different personalities to go along with it. The only other recurring character besides ENA herself is Moony, ENAs friend who happens to have a body reminiscent of a waning crescent moon.

What is Ena from FNF?

ENA is a character that was made by Joel G, with the mod made by the talented rhubarb. The character was based on a Picasso painting, and is nicknamed Funky Picasso Painting. This mod replaces Boyfriend, and provides all sorts of unique changes to suit ENA and her personality.

Is moony a boy or girl ENA?

Moony is the deuteragonist from the animated series ENA by Joel Guerra. She has made various appearances throughout the series, most notably appearing in the first three episodes. She is voiced by Lizzie Freeman.

Who is Ena auction day?

Lizzie Freeman as Moony and Ena for her sad state. Alejandro Fletes as the Auctioneer and the Headtombs.

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