Question: What is the best 2k build?

What is the best 2k 19 Build?

NBA 2k19 Best Builds (Top 10 Most Overpowered NBA 2k19 Builds)Paint Driving Small Forward.Nightmare Stretch Power Forward. Deep 3/ Shot Creating Center. Assist Magician Point Guard. Shot Creating Shooting Guard. Slashing Small Forward. Sharp shooting- Stretch Four. Glass Cleaner. For any NBA fan the name gives it away. •Aug 6, 2019

What is the best build in NBA Live 19?

NBA Live 19: Best ArchetypesArchetypePlays LikeTraits and SkillsWing ShooterKevin DurantKnocking down shots, getting openWing ScorerDeMar DeRozanPace, size, scoringWing DefenderKawhi LeonardDefending, strength, footworkPlaymakerLeBron JamesSize, vision, finishing at the rim, passing7 more rows

Are Scoring Machines good in 2K21?

MyPlayer builder is a popular way to enjoy playing through MyCAREER in NBA 2K21, the scoring machine is a perfect pick for the build.

What does weight do in 2K21?

Weight does not negatively affect your speed outside of the obvious drop in speed and speed with ball ratings. A 270 lb player with 80 speed runs at the same rate as a 180 lb player with 80 speed. This holds true for speed with ball as well.

What is a wing scorer?

For this article, weve selected Wing Scorer, a player whose dunk and dribbling will both receive a 74/95 rating, while layup, shot off the dribble and mid-range shot will all start at 74/88.  This player will also start with two traits specific to him, while more can be unlocked later on in the game.

What does Strength do in NBA Live?

Strength: Determines a players strength. Stronger players can back down defenders more easily and wont get pushed around as much.

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