Question: What to do when Excel stops calculating?

Method 1: You can force a manual recalculation either by pressing the Calculate button in the bottom left most corner of Excel, or by pressing F9. Method 2: You can switch the workbook back to Automatic calculation from Formulas => Calculation options.

Why can I not save my Excel file?

If you cannot save a workbook when you run Microsoft Excel in Windows Safe mode, the problem may be caused by a third-party add-in or by a file from one of the Excel startup locations. By default, startup files are loaded when you start Excel. However, some functions, such as saving a file can be affected.

How do you master Excel quickly?

How to master Excel quickly in 11 stepsHow to navigate the interface. A good start is to be efficient at navigating the Excel interface. Learn some useful shortcuts. Freeze panes. Create a simple drop-down list. Visualize key data with conditional formatting. Flash fill. Summarize data with PivotTables. Protect Excel data.

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