Question: Do lily of the valley have deep roots?

Lily of the valley is a shade-loving groundcover with a dense root system. As the plants grow, the roots spread and will eventually crowd out weeds and most other nearby plants.

Can I dig up and replant Lily of the Valley?

Mid March to April and mid September to October are the best times to plant potted Lily of the Valley. Choose the position carefully. In ideal conditions Lily of the Valley can be very invasive. They are easily dug up but if they grow amongst other plants they can be almost impossible to eradicate.

Are lilies of the valley invasive?

Should I Plant Lily of the Valley? The plant has escaped cultivation and has been placed on invasive plant lists in some states, primarily for its tendency to form large colonies that threaten native plants. It is especially happy in shady, wooded areas and doesnt always do well in poor, dry soil or intense sunlight.

How deep should Lily of the Valley be planted?

1/8 inch Quick Reference Growing ChartPlanting Depth:1/8 inchAsparagaceaeHeight:12-22 inchesNolinoideaeSpread:Densely packed rhizome-based growthConvallariaWater Needs:Moderate, keep moist if possibleC. majalisAttracts:Bees and butterflies8 more rows•May 27, 2019

How do I stop Lily of the Valley from spreading?

A physical barrier or “sub-surface barrier” such as edging will help keep the Lily of the Valley contained. Sink sheet roll aluminum or a stiff plastic barrier at least 18 inches down surrounding the area where you want the Lily of the Valley to grow, but you must do this when you plant the pips.

When can I move my lily of the valley?

Ideally, you would be moving lily of the valley in the fall when the plant is dormant. If that isnt going to happen within your schedule, dont worry too much. Lily of the valley is very forgiving.

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