Question: Can I go to Ascension Island?

Currently the only way to reach Ascension Island is by cruise ship or personal yacht.

Can people visit Ascension Island?

All visitors and tourists must be issued an entry permit prior to travel. You must have a minimum of six months validity on your passport upon arrival to be granted entry to Ascension Island.

Is there a port on Ascension Island?

Cruise Port schedule, live map, terminals, news Ascension Island is located in the South Atlantic Ocean (about midway between Africa and South America). This is a volcanic island (total area 34 mi2 / 88 km2) which was once a regular call port for ships from Europe to South Africa.

Is Ascension Island on the green list?

St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha is on the green list for entering England.

Do cruise ships stop at Ascension Island?

Laying midway between Africa and South America, Ascension remains a popular stop for many yachts as well as cruise ships.

What is Ascension Island known for?

As well as its natural heritage, Ascension has been an important strategic military outpost and there is a rich historical heritage on the island of abandoned forts, installations and dwellings dating back to the 18th century. The island currency is the St Helena pound, which is fixed at parity with the pound sterling.

Do people live in Tristan Cunha?

Q: Do People Live in Tristan da Cunha? As of the 2015 census, Tristan da Cunha has a permanent population of 268. All of the residents live in Edinburgh of the Seven Seas, which means that only a small portion of Tristan da Cunha is inhabited.

How do you get to St Helena?

To get to St Helena – a British Overseas Territory – from Britain, you needed to fly to Cape Town (which often means flying via Johannesburg), then get a boat, the RMS St Helena, to the island.

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