Question: Who is flame cat?

Flame, the orange and white feline who gained national fame as the Belmont firehouse cat, is making the news again. Flame wandered into the firehouse about three years ago, a tiny, starving kitten. The firefighters began feeding him and named him Flame.

What happened to flame the firehouse cat?

“It was quickly discovered that flame had ended up in the departments storm drain, we suspect the pouring rain may have caused him to lose his footing and fall in.” The 12-inch drain runs 50 feet below the parking lot at the fire department, The Greenville News reported.

Do firehouses have cats?

Dalmatians might be the best known firehouse mascot, but a tortoise-shell cat named Edna has purred her way into the hearts of firefighters at a San Francisco station. Edna began visiting Fire Station 49 as a feral kitten four years ago and since then has made the station her home.

What is the difference between ABC and co2 fire extinguisher?

CO2s are designed for Class B and C (flammable liquid and electrical) fires only. Carbon Dioxide is a non-flammable gas that extinguishes fire by displacing oxygen, or taking away the oxygen element of the fire triangle.

What is the difference between 5BC and 10BC fire extinguisher?

In our tests, the 10BC units discharged only a fraction of a second longer than the 5BC, hardly twice anything. The 10BC, on average, discharged only 25% more fire suppressant than the 5BC.

Can you have a black flame?

For real: If you shine a low-pressure sodium lamp on a yellow sodium flame, the flame will be black. Flames emits light and heat, so it seems impossible to make black fire. However, you actually can make black fire by controlling the wavelengths of absorbed and emitted light.

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