Question: Why did Blake Lively change her name?

First she and husband Ryan Reynolds kept us guessing her own daughter James name, and now this…. Blakes dad Ernie Brown decided to break with tradition, and after meeting and falling in love with Elaine Lively, he opted to take her name on their wedding day.

Why did Taylor Swift use Blake Lively kids names?

Swift, who has been good friends with Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds for a long time, decided to use the names of her friends children in her song about a high school love song. However, as Ryan mentioned, the song was simply a homage to their names and had nothing to do with them.

Did Blake Lively name her daughter James?

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Livelys baby girl is named James, the actor confirmed during an interview with Today. After admitting that his daughters name was not any of his previous suggestions — including Excalibur Anaconda Reynolds — the proud new dad teased one last possibility before announcing her real moniker.

Why do people name their girls James?

The name James is a girls name of Hebrew origin meaning supplanter. Believe it or not, this is one of the boy names for girls gaining a lot of attention these days, since Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds shocked the world by choosing it for their eldest daughter in 2014 (after his late father).

Can you name a girl Spencer?

The name originated as the surname Spencer, but later gradually came to be used as a given name as well. From its origin as a surname, it has been given to both males and females, but it has historically been more common as a name for males.

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