Question: Is Shinkansen green car worth it?

The takeaway: They are found on shinkansen (bullet trains) and tokkyu (limited express trains). Because standards are so high on Japanese trains, even the ordinary cars are usually perfectly sufficient. But, if you want a little more space and a bit more peace and quiet, the Green Car is a good option.

How good is the Shinkansen?

The Bullet Train (Shinkansen) travel to almost all parts of Japan and are always expanding. The shinkansen trains are comfortable, quiet, and smooth. The green class gives you a little more room than usual. The Gran class (if available) is expensive and is like business class on airfares.

Is the Shinkansen eco friendly?

Active contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions of the transport industry; compared to an airplane on the same route, this train will use 88% less energy and produces 92% less carbon emissions per seat.

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