Question: What is the most powerful cleaner?

Acids. Acid cleaners are the most powerful type of cleaning agent and should be used with care. If they are not diluted correctly, acid cleaners can be very poisonous and corrosive.

What is a good substitute for 409?

Pour vinegar, borax and hot water into spray bottle. Then continue filling spray bottle with cool water.

Who is the best cleaner in the world?

Thorsten Mowes has a more intimate knowledge of the worlds most famous monuments than perhaps anyone else on the planet – because hes spent his entire career CLEANING them. PIC FROM CATERS NEWS – Two men clean the steps of the Erfurt Cathedral in Germany.

Does simple green need to be rinsed?

▶ Vegetation — Is Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner safe for vegetation? Diluted Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner will not harm grass or flowers, but its always a good idea to rinse foliage after it has had contact with the product. Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner has been tested to be readily biodegradable.

What is the number 1 shoe cleaner?

Shoe MGK was founded in 1992 in Southern California at a time when sneaker lovers needed something magical to keep their kicks clean. Now considered by many to be the worlds greatest shoe cleaner, our line has grown to include care and protection of all types of footwear.

What are the 7 cleaning agents?

Classification of Cleaning AgentsWater.Detergent. Chemical composition of detergent: –Abrasives. Types of Abrasives.Degreasing agents.Acids and Toilet Cleaners.Alkalis.Organic Solvents.Other cleansing Agents.29 Jul 2020

Does Mr Clean sanitize?

Mr. Clean has been helping keep homes clean for decades, so its no surprise that we recommend their Multi-Surface cleaner that not only cleans but disinfects. This spray kills 99.9% of germs while cleaning dirt.

Can I use Pine-Sol in a spray bottle?

Pine-Sol cleans all kinds of counter tops and surfaces while disinfecting. Dilute ¼ cup of Pine-Sol® in one gallon of warm water. Or for everyday mess control, keep the Pine-Sol® mixture in a spray bottle for quick cleaning spritzes.

Is Simple Green better than bleach?

Simple Green is the safer alternative to toxic cleaners, solvents and bleaches. Simple Green is more responsible to you, your children, your pets and your environment. Readily Biodegradable: Simple Green is readily decomposed in the environment by naturally occurring microorganisms.

What should you not use Simple Green on?

Or contact Consumer Relations at 800-228-0709 and request a free Dilution Chart. Simple Green is not recommended for use on suede, leather, unfinished wood, opals or pearls.

What is a good homemade shoe cleaner?

Diy shoe cleaner: 1/2 tbs dawn dish soap 1 tbs baking soda 1 tbs hydrogen peroxide. After rubbing on shoes (I used a toothbrush) wait 15-20 minutes and wash off with a wet washcloth or paper towel.

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