Question: Are all FE games in the same universe?

Like, why do so many people not realise that most FE games take place in the same world/universe? FE1,3,11 and 12 all take place in Archanea. FE2 and 15 are next to Archanea (in 15 you can even travel there). FE13 takes place in Archanea and Valentia like 3000 years later.

Are all FE games connected?

Most Fire Emblem games are connected, but the degree to which this is so depends on the games in question and how one looks at it. Fire Emblem Gaiden, the second game, was a side story of Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light. The games setting was on a different continent but in the same world.

Is Fire Emblem three houses connected to the other games?

Currently this game is not connected to any other continent, the closest thing we have to a connection is that the Archanea Regelia are present but those are more of an easter egg than anything.

What is the longest FE game?

How Long It Takes to Beat Every Fire Emblem GameFire Emblem is one of the longest-running series in the games industry. Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light (1990) | Main Story: 27 Hours | Completionist: 45 Hours.Fire Emblem Gaiden (1992) | Main Story: 27 Hours | Completionist: 38 Hours. •Jul 31, 2021

Is Rhea Byleths mother?

Using the Silver Snow route, we know a little bit about Byleths mother from vanilla Fire Emblem: Three Houses. She was actually created by Archbishop Rhea using ancient magic as a clone in her own image. The two fell in love, got married, and conceived a child, Byleth.

Which Fire Emblem Fates is best?

Birthright has the best story of the three, as its relatively unoffensive and plays it fairly straightforward. My only major complaint is that its just kind of vanilla. Conquest has the best gameplay and cool story moments, but a lot of complaints about the story stem from this game.

Should I play conquest or birthright first?

If youre brand new to Fire Emblem or, frankly, even if youre not, heres the order we suggest: Start with Birthright, the easier of the two. After finishing that and getting acclimated to the tactical battle system, head into the tougher Conquest.

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