Question: Whats another way of saying I was wondering?

What to say instead I was wondering?

Also, being pedantic, my first (but unexpressed) response to I was wondering if you can ... or even to just Can you ... is often Yes, I can. Thank you! (as in Yes, I am able to ...)!

Whats another way of saying wondering?

What is another word for wondering?astonishedamazednonplussedstartledaghastflummoxeddisconcertedfilled with astonishmentfilled with amazementfilled with wonder124 more rows

How do you use I was wondering in a sentence?

I was wondering if + requestI was wondering if I could borrow your car.I was wondering if you could help me with my project.I was wondering if we could switch to an ocean view room.I was wondering if you could fix my car by Friday.I was wondering if you could turn down the volume.

Whats another way to say please let me know?

What is another word for let me know?keep me apprisedkeep me informedkeep me postedkeep me updatednotify me

Was wondering An example?

I was wondering where you had put my sunglasses. I thought Id call you because I was wondering where you are at the moment. I was wondering if we should go and visit Paula this weekend.

How do you use the word wondering?

Wondering sentence exampleThe boy looked around him with wondering eyes. Right now he was wondering if he had chosen the right occupation. Sofias phone vibrated, and she pulled it out, wondering who had her number. Im a mess wondering whats wrong with me. We were just wondering if maybe she said where she was going.

What does I was wondering if mean?

DEFINITIONS1. a polite way of asking someone for something such as information or their opinion, or asking them to do something. I wondered if you could possibly lend me some money? I was wondering whether you would like to come to the theatre with me? I wonder if you would do me a favour?

How do you say please in a good way?

Please synonymsdemand. Demand is defined as to urgently ask for something or someone ordering someone to do something. sil vous plait (French) if-you-please. tickle. have a mind. make up to. see-fit. by-your-leave.

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