Question: Who won the Hungarian GP today?

Alpines Esteban Ocon has won the Hungarian GP after a remarkable race that saw rain, an early red flag and several DNFs. The Mercedes driver bounced back after an early blunder from his team, while Max Verstappen finished 10th after suffering heavy damage on the opening lap.

Who won the Hungary Grand Prix today?

Esteban Ocon Esteban Ocon wins thrilling Hungarian Grand Prix after Lewis Hamilton fights back. Ocons team-mate Fernando Alonso played an important role in securing the win for the Frenchman, defending valiantly against Hamilton for 10 laps in the closing stages.

Who won the Hungarian 2021 Grand Prix?

Esteban Ocon 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix/Winners

Who won F1 today 2021?

Lewis Hamilton Russian GP: Lewis Hamilton wins 100th F1 race as devastated Lando Norris sees victory slip away.

Who has fastest lap today?

Fastest LapRaceDriverTimeRussiaLando Norris1:37.423

Who was to blame for F1 crash?

Max Verstappen Formula One Race Director Michael Masi explained that Max Verstappen, who has been given a three-place grid penalty, was predominantly to blame for his crash with Lewis Hamilton at the Italian Grand Prix.

Who caused the F1 crash today?

Verstappen Yet it was Verstappen who F1 race stewards placed the blame upon. For causing the crash, he was given a three-grip penalty at the upcoming Russian Grand Prix (Sept. 26). Verstappens back right tire went over Hamiltons car as both vehicles stopped in the gravel off the right side of the roadway.

Will Red Bull appeal?

Red Bulls appeal was unsuccessful, the stewards throwing it out as they cited “made” up evidence with the team having used test driver Alex Albon to create the racing lines, wanting to show that Hamilton would never have made the corner.

Who got fastest lap f1?

Michael Schumacher By driverRankDriverFastest laps1Michael Schumacher772Lewis Hamilton573Kimi Räikkönen464Alain Prost4155 more rows

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