Question: How much is a creamy mayo cheeseburger?

Creamy is dreamy. Get a Creamy Mayo Cheeseburger, Small Fries and a Small Drink for just $5. A delicious beef patty, cheese and creamy mayo – thats a whole lotta flame-grilled goodness for only a fiver.

How much is a cheeseburger from BK?

Burger King Menu & Prices 2021FoodPriceHamburger$1.00Cheeseburger$1.00Crispy Chicken Jr.$1.00Spicy Crispy Chicken Jr.$1.0094 more rows

How much is Burger King cheeseburger NZ?

Burger King Prices NZItemPriceCheeseburger Meal$8.96Long Beef Rodeo™ Meal$13.61Whopper Jr® Meal$10.86XL Bomb Meal$17.09187 more rows•Sep 15, 2021

How much is the big king XL NZ?

A Big Mac contains two 45 gram patties. The extra beef is a likely contributor to the price difference – a Big King XL costs $12.90 compared to an average of $6.90 for a Big Mac. A spokesman for McDonalds said the Big King XL would be more like its Boss burger, which has two 120g beef patties and costs about $9.50.

How much are Mcdonalds fries?

McDonalds Menu PricesFOODSIZEPRICEFrench FriesSmall$1.39French FriesMedium$1.79French FriesLarge$1.89Mozzarella Sticks3 Pc.$1.19150 more rows

Is there egg in Burger King buns?

Contains 2% or less of each of the following: salt, egg yolks, corn syrup, water, mono- and diglycerides, maltodextrin, sugar, natural and artificial flavors, wheat gluten, calcium propionate (preservative), sodium caseinate, whey proteins, soy lecithin, soy flour.

Is it free refills in Burger King?

Burger King offers free refills on their Coke Freestyle machines! As many as 25% of Burger King restaurants in the UK will feature Coke Freestyle machines by the end of 2015. And those worried that youll miss out going through the drive-thru, dont worry as it is available there too…

How Much Is a Double Whopper with cheese?

Burger King Menu PricesFOODPRICEDouble Whopper$5.29Double Whopper - Meal$7.59Bacon & Cheese Whopper$5.19Bacon & Cheese Whopper - Meal$7.49155 more rows

How much is a creamy mayo Cheeseburger NZ?

Hey, for a limited time the Creamy Mayo Cheeseburger from our Flaming Great Value range is just $2.50.

What does Burger King put in their burgers?

100% BEEF. Our beef patties are made with 100% beef with no fillers, no preservatives, no additives, no nonsense. We also make our flagship product, the WHOPPER® Sandwich, with 1/4 lb* of savory flame-grilled beef.

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