Question: Is it hard to land a plane on water?

But despite that success, landing a plane on the water, known as ditching, can be extremely dangerous. This controlled, emergency-landing procedure is very rare, especially on commercial flights.

Is landing a plane on water hard?

Water landing is hard and unpredictable. When you hit water at a very high speed, you can break the aircraft up as if you were hitting land. But if you hit it right, the water slows you down quickly. The danger of fire is hugely reduced.

Can planes land safely on water?

The good news is that modern aircraft can indeed land on water - otherwise known as ditching - but theyre not actually designed to do so. The plane would stay afloat long enough for all the passengers to exit the aircraft via the inflated slides.

What are the chances of surviving a water landing?

AOPA Pilot. 26 (3). Reproduced on Equipped To Survive. Ditching Myths Torpedoed, by Paul Bertorelli, cites data that show an 88% survival rate for general aviation water ditchings.

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