Question: Where is a force field the strongest?

The magnetic field of a bar magnet is strongest at either pole of the magnet. It is equally strong at the north pole when compared with the south pole. The force is weaker in the middle of the magnet and halfway between the pole and the center.

How strong is a force field?

Behavior of the strong force At a distance of 1 femtometer (1 fm = 10−15 meters) or less, its strength is around 137 times that of the electromagnetic force, some 106 times as great as that of the weak force, and about 1038 times that of gravitation.

Where is the strongest magnetic field on Earth?

poles Intensity: The magnetic field also varies in strength over the earths surface. It is strongest at the poles and weakest at the equator.

Do magnets affect your brain?

Summary: Prolonged exposure to low-level magnetic fields, similar to those emitted by such common household devices as blow dryers, electric blankets and razors, can damage brain cell DNA, according to researchers in the University of Washingtons Department of Bioengineering.

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