Question: Are onsen hygienic?

Hygiene levels at onsen are usually very high and you are required to clean yourself and rinse before entering the onsen which significantly reduces the likelihood of the water being dirty. Alongside consistent cleaning throughout the day and a thorough deep clean at night, onsen are very hygienic.

Are onsen healthy?

Onsen water has a number of natural elements, such as sodium bicarbonate and calcium, that get absorbed into our bodies as we bathe. The minerals help increase blood flow and the amount of oxygen in our blood. Many people enjoy a good soak in a bath. The onsen is the ultimate bathing experience.

Can you get sick from onsen?

If you are feeling hot in the hot spring, youd want to quickly get out and go somewhere cooler, but standing up quickly after onsen can be very dangerous. You could feel very dizzy and sick, sometimes people even faint.

Does onsen help you lose weight?

You wont find it written on the official list of healing effects, but some say that onsen can help stimulate metabolism and burn calories. Entering onsen of 42°C for about 10 minutes burns 70 to 80 calories which is only a little less than jogging for 10 minutes.

How often do Japanese people go to onsen?

Bathing surveys conducted in Japan show that the majority of Japanese bathe daily. The exact number varies per survey but usually, around 70% of Japanese take a bath every day and more than 15% bathe 3 to 6 times a week.

How should I dress for an onsen?

To keep the locker room dry and clean, you would wipe yourself lightly with your wash-towel before entering there. After wiping your body completely with your bath-towel in the locker room, you could wear “YUKATA”, bathing clothing, a kind of KIMONO.

Is onsen good for eczema?

Soaking in hot springs can be a great way to naturally detox your skin. Thanks to the high amount of silica in the water, it can also soften rough or dry skin. Plus, the mineral content of sulfur springs has been shown to help persisting skin conditions like psoriasis, acne and eczema.

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