Question: What do you do after you massage your face with ice?

What to do after applying ice to face massage?

To make your foundation to last longer during hot and humid season, first cleanse the skin and then apply an astringent toner, using cotton wool. After a few minutes, wrap an ice cube in a clean cloth and apply it on the skin for a few seconds. This helps to close the pores.

What should I do after applying ice cube on my face?

Clean it after each use. Always wash your face before icing. Keep a clean washcloth or tissue handy to wipe excess liquid that might drip from your face. Use a cloth or some other barrier between the ice and your skin.

Can I apply moisturizer after rubbing ice on face?

Rubbing ice on face is the best thing as it calms skin and improves blood circulation. Do it after you cleanse your face before applying toner / moisturizer.

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