Question: Is it normal for baby to face down?

Luckily, babies go into a head-down position on their own in roughly 97% of pregnancies. However, exactly when they are likely to go into that position depends on how far along you are in your pregnancy. Its different for everyone, but usually, the baby will go into the head-down position after the 20-week mark.

What does it mean when baby is face down?

Ideally for labor, the baby is positioned head-down, facing the mothers back with the chin tucked to its chest and the back of the head ready to enter the pelvis. This position is called cephalic presentation. Most babies settle into this position within the 32nd to 36th weeks of pregnancy.

Is it normal for my baby to be facing downward?

The baby is lying horizontally in the uterus. This position is known as transverse lie. Its extremely rare at delivery, since most babies will turn themselves to be head down prior to their due date.

Should baby be face up or face down?

The best position for delivery is occiput anterior (OA), or “face-down.” This is also referred to as cephalic presentation. This is when baby is in a head-down position and the body is facing moms back. In this position, it is easier for the babys back to curl and chin to tuck as it travels through the pelvis.

How can I get my baby to turn face down?

The strategy for using heat and cold is to put cold near where the babys head is currently (at the top of the uterus) and warmth where you want the head to go (near the bottom of the uterus). Even in the womb, babies want to keep warm and snuggled, so any cold placed near them will cause them to react and move away.

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