Question: What won Game of the Year 2019 PS4?

What Game is number 1 on PS4?

1. God of War. 2018s God of War shows an obvious level of care that went into crafting its world, characters, and gameplay, evolving a longstanding PlayStation franchise into a testament to the power of storytelling in games and making it our choice for the best PlayStation 4 game, period.

Who is winning GotY 2020?

“The Last of Us Part II” won the biggest prize of the night at the 2020 Game Awards. In addition to game of the year, Naughty Dogs hit sequel won several other big awards throughout the night, including best direction, narrative, action/adventure game, audio design and performance for Laura Bailey.

What PS4 games work on PS5?

PS4 games to play on PS5Best looking PS4 game on PS5Ghost of Tsushima: Directors CutAn incredible look open-world samurai adventure.Plays like its supposed to on PS5Control: Ultimate EditionControls dreamy, spooky story really comes together on PS5.1 more row•21 Sep 2021

What are the top 10 free games on PS4?

Dead or Alive 6: Core Fighters. Gwent. Brawlhalla. DC Universe Online. Let It Die. Paladins. Star Trek Online. Warframe. Warframe has been around since the PS4s launch, and it remains on the best free PS4 games list because its still evolving. •6 Aug 2021

How is Game of the Year chosen?

The process begins with several dozen video game publications and websites, chosen by the Game Awards advisory committee, to act as the jury each year. After the nominees are released, the winner is selected by a combined vote consisting of 90% from the votes from juries and 10% by public voting.

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