Question: Is Honda City good for long drive?

Yes. You will enjoy a nice relaxed cruise in the new Honda City. Both engines are at ease on the highway, and are efficient too.

How many miles can a Honda City last?

So, on full tank with petrol model you can go around 520 kmpl while with diesel model you can go around 800 kms.

Which car has good ground clearance?

SUV Cars with Best Ground Clearance in India (2021)ModelGround ClearanceMahindra XUV300200 mmMaruti Vitara Brezza198 mmHyundai Venue190 mmTata Nexon209 mm23 more rows•Jan 12, 2021

Does Honda City have good ground clearance?

As a popular sedan in the portfolio of Honda, Honda City has a ground clearance of 165 mm, which is quite moderate as far as its competition is concerned, and serves well to negotiate potholed and bumps marked thoroughfares.

What is the life of a Honda engine?

Sakuji Arai, Honda Motor Co.s chief engine engineer for four-cylinder engines, says the companys engines, if given scheduled maintenance, should last for 20 years or 200,000 miles.

How many km does a full tank last?

View Full Version : How many kms can your full tank REALLY DO? I have seen as much as 725 kays out of a full tank with the fuel light just come on. The CS average is 10.5L/100km with 65L tank, thats spirited driving with a ECU tune 3.4L flat-six.

Which car is best for bad roads?

For the bad roads in India, Punto is one of the best choices.RENAULT KWID – Ground Clearance. This entry-level car with crossover-stance has done wonders for the French carmaker since its launch. 180 mm. Maruti Suzuki Ignis.180 mm. Datsun Go.170 mm. Tata Tiago.170 mm. Hyundai Elite i20.170 mm. Toyota Etios Liva.170 mm. 170 mm.

Which car has highest ground clearance?

Which Cars Have The Highest Ground Clearance In IndiaMaruti Suzuki S-Presso.Fiat Punto Evo. ​Mahindra KUV100.Tata Zest.Maruti Suzuki Ciaz.Mahindra Scorpio.Renault Duster.Isuzu V-Cross.

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