Question: Do you get extra levels from King Titan ark?

What do u get from King Titan?

DataElement.King Titan Trophy.King Titan Flag.HomoDeus Boots Skin.HomoDeus Gloves Skin.HomoDeus Helmet Skin.HomoDeus Pants Skin.HomoDeus Shirt Skin.

Does King Titan give extra levels?

Ascension on Extinction King Titan that was defeated. Unlike the other version, this does not give any additional level.

What do you get from killing the Alpha King Titan?

So what makes killing him really worth it? There is loot, but thats also in the other Titans and orbital lootdrops. Then theres the Homo Deus skin, trophies and flags, but they are just decoration.

Where do I fight King Titan?

The King Titan Terminal can be found at 03.4, 49.2. In the background of the arena, additional spikes of element grow and glow purple when the King Titan is summoned. You must defeat The Boss within the timer and enter the teleporter when the King Titan dies, or you will not be able to ascend.

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