Question: How was Arashi formed?

Arashi, which literally means storm in Japanese, was formed aiming to cause a storm across the world on Sept. 15, 1999 on a cruise ship off Hawaii. Its members are Masaki Aiba, 38, Jun Matsumoto, 37, Kazunari Ninomiya, 37, Satoshi Ohno, 40, and Sho Sakurai, 38.

How did Arashi form?

Arashi began 2002 by releasing their first single under J Storm. A Day in Our Life was used as the theme song for Sakurais comedy drama Kisarazu Cats Eye and debuted atop of the Oricon weekly singles chart selling 226,480 copies. Selling 89,106 copies in the first week, it is Arashis lowest-selling single to date.

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