Question: Where is the Fortnite epic gun?

What is an epic weapon on fortnite?

Epic Weapon ListWeapon / RarityDPSMag.SizeHeavy Assault Rifle165.725Suppressed Assault Rifle17630Pump Shotgun705Tactical Shotgun124.587 more rows•Jul 5, 2021

Where are the guns in fortnite?

Youll find good starting weapons either on the rooftops here, or in the basketball courts nearby. - If you dont have any luck getting a weapon outside, head inside to the biggest building thats directly opposite the basketball court.

Where is the mythical gun in fortnite?

Mythic weapon: Doctor Slones Mythic Pulse Rifle The Mythic Pulse Rifle is held by Doctor Slone, the new IO character leading the charge against the alien invaders. Shes hiding out at Corny Complex. Look for the red barn. Inside, youll see a large circular metal door in the barn floor.

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