Question: Who won the mens relay final?

Team USAs mens 4x400-meter relay squad almost broke the world record on Saturday in Tokyo.

What happened to the USA mens 4x100?

TOKYO — The United States failed to qualify for the final of the mens 4x100-meter relay after bungling a baton transfer, yet again, and placing sixth in its heat. The baton failure slowed down the team, as the United States finished in 38.10 seconds.

Who won relay?

The USA closed out the track athletic events at Tokyo 2020 with a spectacular 18th win in the mens 4x400m relay at an Olympic Games. The team raced home 100m ahead of nearest rivals the Netherlands to record a seasons best time of 2:55.70. It was a dream end for the American team at Tokyo 2020.

Who won the mens 4 by 1 relay?

USAs Michael Cherry (left) and Rai Benjamin after winning gold in the mens 4 x 400 meter relay at the Olympic Stadium in Japan on Saturday.

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